A B O U T - Me , moe details about my person, as a photographer

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In general :

A blue-eyed male, still sparkling and jumping around like a teenager, sometimes a little bit crazy, but alwasy sweet ( according to my daughters ). I like the good things in life, the beauty, the fragrance, and I do enjoy every day again like it's the first. Most of the time filled with energy, going anywhere, singing, dancing, making music, but most fun of all : capturing the moments of life, and the beauty that surrounds me when making pictures. I also admire people that do someting in life that makes them stand out, make them special in any way, like Shakira, Phil Collins, George Harrisson are my great examples in music, and Aria Giovanni as a nude model. Besides the music and beautifiul women, I also enjoy good food and wine, port or just a nice beer.

As a photographer:

I am a part-time / freelance photographer who deeply enjoys and captures the beauty of persons, preferably in odd or absurd situations, weird locations, with rich clothing or no clothing at all, at special events, festivals, theaters, or just as a pure portrait . I like to explore different styles, lights, locations, projects, people. Searching for the ultimate beauty in people, not always necessarily on the outside....and concepts that others don't have, dare or do. I like a glamourous style, but I am no fashion photographer. I like to keep the pictures pure and mostly untouched, thoug I do manipulate them when required. I worked with a lot of amateur models and some professional ones, the ultimate experience was a photoshoot with Aria Giovanni, but working with amateurs and starting models is maybe even more satisfying and interesting to do. I only do projects that I like, do it just for the fun and not to get rich. especially when you have a weird concepts, idiot ideas or fantastic fantasies, contact me and I wil see if I can realize it with you and capture it forever. Next to the initial capturing of the people, I am also able to work with PSP and other graphic/designer software, and - only when asked nicely- I am available for bodypainting or maybe even as a model... See more of my work and contacts on modelmayhem : www.modelmayhem.com/StanleyT

Some photos of myself...

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